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CountryFree ShippingExpressDelivery time
Germany EU (DE)✔︎€9,003-5
Slovakia EU (SK)✔︎€9,003-4
Czech Republic EU (CZ)✔︎€9,003-5
Hungary EU (HU)✔︎€9,003-4
Austria IUE (AT)✔︎€9,003-4
Belgium EU (BE)✔︎€9,003-5
Netherlands EU (NL)✔︎€9,003-5
Poland EU (PL)✔︎€9,003-5
Denmark EU (DK)✔︎€9,003-5
Latvia EU (LV)✔︎€9,003-5
Lithuania EU (LI)✔︎€9,003-5
England EU (GB)✔︎€9,003-4
Slovenia EU (SI)✔︎€9,003-5
Estonia EU (EE)✔︎€9,003-5
EU BUGARIA (BG)✔︎€9,0010
Croatia (HR)✔︎€9,0010
Spain EU (ES)✔︎€9,006-8
France EU (FR)✔︎€9,002-5
Italy EU (IT)✔︎€9,003-5
Romania EU (RO)✔︎€9,003-4
Sweden EU (SE)✔︎€9,003-5
EU Finladia (FI)✔︎€9,003-5
Portugal EU (PT)✔︎€9,006-8
Greece EU (GR)✔︎€9,007
Ireland EU (IE)✔︎€9,003-5
Liechtenstein (LI)✔︎€9,003-4
Norway (NO)over €250 amount€25,003-4
Switzerland (CH)over €250 amount€25,003-5
Ukraine (UA)over €250 amount€25,003-4
Russia (RU)over €250 amount€25,006-8
Belarus (BY)over €380 amount€100,003-4
United States (US)over €380 amount€100,006-8
Australia (AU)over €380 amount€100,006-8
New Zealand (NZ)over €380 amount€100,006-8

I. Complaints related to the provision of Electronic Services by the Service Provider:
1. Complaints related to the provision of Electronic Services via the Website may be submitted by the Customer via e-mail at the following address: contact@himaps.eu
2. In the e-mail mentioned above, please provide as much information and circumstances regarding
the subject of the complaint as possible, in particular the type and occurrence date of irregularities
and contact details. The information provided will significantly facilitate and speed up the process of
reviewing complaints by the Service Provider.
3. Process of reviewing the complaint by the Service Provider shall take place immediately, not later
than within 14 days.
4. The Service Provider’s response to the complaint is sent to the Customer's e-mail address
provided in the complaint application or in another way provided by the Customer.

II. Product returns
1. No return of goods.
Himaps posters are non-prefabricated products. They are created according to the specifications of
customers, with the use of a generator available on the website. In this case, the product meets
individual needs.

III. Product complaint
1. Before accepting a package, always check if it has not been damaged during transport. If the
packaging has a visible external damage, we recommend you to refuse the delivery of the package
and then contact us by e-mail at contact@himaps.eu.
2. You can also open the package in the presence of the courier – when discrepancies are found, a
report is drawn up, which can later be used as a basis for a customer complaint.
3. If the purchased product differs from the description, follow the complaint procedure described
below: – Report the damage at contact@himaps.eu and send a few photos of the damage, enclosing
a written statement in which you describe the form of compensation in detail, and the return address
and account number for a refund (depending on the decision taken by the Store).
– We will inform you by email about the outcome of the complaint procedure within 14 days after the
receipt of the package.
If the complaint is accepted, within 7 working days after the date of the decision, we will compensate
the costs you incurred by repairing the defective product, sending a new replacement or giving a
If your complaint is rejected, we will send you a detailed explanation of our decision.

Our * .gpx and * .kml file uploader has a size limit set for new files. If your file won’t upload, it means it has too many parameters that may not work properly in the editor.

Add the file at www.traseo.pl, and then download it as a new * .gpx file. Such a file is devoid of unnecessary parameters and its size is much lower.

However, if the new file doesn’t upload, send it to us at info@himaps.eu.

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